Human Trafficking is Closer Thank You Think

May 31, 2018 8:38 pm Published by Outer Banks Hotline

Night Hawk News: Human Trafficking is Closer Thank You Think

An important article written by a staff writer for the Night Hawk News that came out in their Spring edition: Human Trafficking is Closer Than You Think is an article worth reading.

Some of the local organizations involved in the efforts to educate the community and to help victims of sex trafficking had the opportunity to express their concerns and experiences. Being that the Outer Banks is a “tourist town” most people don’t realize that sex trafficking does occur here, even more so because it is a “tourist town.” Sex trafficking is not seen publicly in this area and not noticed as much as it would be in a bigger city where you can see sex trafficking victims on the streets. By reading this article you will gain awareness of the problem that has been occurring in our communities.

Thank you for writing a wonderfully informative article on an important subject. – OB HOTLINE

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