Domestic Violence

Domestic ViolenceWhat is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence encompasses calculated behaviors and manipulations that allow one partner to intimidate, dominate and control the other. These behaviors include both non-criminal and criminal acts and range from insults, name calling, and humiliation, to grabbing and slapping, brutal assaults, sexual assaults, rape, and murder. Find out more…


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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Affects Everyone

Domestic Violence is a widespread issue that needs attention. Domestic violence affects all kinds of people whether involved directly or indirectly in the abusive situation. It does not matter if you are male or female, rich or poor, LGBT or straight. Your nationality, race, age, none of that matters. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. The Outer Banks Hotline is dedicated to educating and providing programs to help shape a strong and caring community for everyone to feel and be safe.

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